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15th-Apr-2010 12:21 am - Affiliation
If you would like to affiliate, please comment to this post! :]

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Joshua Christopher ♥
7th-Aug-2008 08:27 pm - Icon Post X
Wao, finally an icon post! I wasn't going to make another one, but I couldn't resist and joined manga_battle, so that's why I have stuff to post. Hopefully I didn't deprove!? I know I got lazy with text though. Anyways, hover over the icons to see the character/series!

8] Persona 3
22] manga_battle entries
5] Kino no Tabi
2] Eizou Houden
3] Persona 3 (manga)
8] Other
2] Baccano!
1] Chrno Crusade
1] Xenosaga

Total: 40


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Joshua Christopher ♥
27th-May-2008 12:24 am - Revamped..!
Just taking the time to say that I finally changed the layout and userinfo of kanrinin! Check it out! I based it on the colours of the icon I'm using (by the awesome silverqe!).

I know I said that I won't be making icons for a while, but I guess I lied, since I went and joined a LIMS recently, so look for them icons..?! I'll try to get a DS skin (most likely of Joshua Christopher because I am obsessed with him) up soon as well, after exams and whatnot..!

Oh, and what do you guys think of the userinfos I've coded (#1 and #2)? If you like them, I can code more to share, but if not, I'll just scrap the idea...

Also, a plug for massive damage :D

Sorry for the spam, and see you with a real post soon! (Hopefully)
Joshua Christopher ♥
11th-May-2008 12:07 pm - Icon Post IX
This will be my last icon post for a long while. Feel free to stop watching this journal..?! I haven't had the motivation to make any graphics lately (or LJ for the matter), so that's why this batch is lazy, old, small, and full of variations. Hope you like them anyways?! As usual, hover over the icons to see the character/series!

8] Eizou Houden (Blood Opera, original art, Wagaya no Oinarisama)
2] Blood Opera
3] Original art
3] Wagaya no Oinarisama
1] Baccano!
1] Gosick
3] Guilty Gear
2] Okami
3] rockmusiclims entries
1] Senko no Ronde
2] Shingetsutan Tsukihime (figure)
1] Vocaloid 2

Total: 25


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Chane Laforet
24th-Mar-2008 07:50 pm - 2 R4DS Skins - Senko no Ronde
Wow, an update! I wasn't going to post these until I had something I could advertise, but I'm not really up to making a 3rd skin right now, so might as well post these anyways?! I made these like a month (or less) ago, so hopefully they're not too bad...

Also, frappetique's beautiful post at gavinnerism was a terrific reminder and encourager for me to post these..! Check it out! I also stole her posting format...Don't kill me?!

Oh, and maybe look for more light novel colourings and stock icon posts in the very late future..?! I went to Europe during Spring Break and now I'm on an European architectural high. I'm also constantly obsessed with the Baccano! novel artwork..!

Series: Senko no Ronde (Videogame)
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Note: If a link has expired/doesn't work for you, let me know and I'll reupload it.

> Installation instructions are here.
> Textures used are by dearest and myrasis.
> Like what you see? Friend me for updates!
Joshua Christopher ♥
2nd-Mar-2008 07:12 pm - Feedback Post
Hello, everyone! I've been pretty curious about...everything lately, so here's a poll! Please fill it out if you have a second :D Your opinions are greatly appreciated! There are a total of 7 questions.

Comments are screened, so if you have anything else to add, please leave a comment..!

Be honest! All results are confidental.Collapse )
Joshua Christopher ♥
17th-Feb-2008 01:36 pm - Icon Post XIII
I wasn't going to post this month, but then I realized that next month would be just as busy and that I wouldn't have much inspiration to make more icons anyways...Also, sorry about all the variations! I'm indecisive like that D': As usual, hover over the icons to see the character/series!

14] Baccano!
1] Black Cat
1] Chobits
1] Fire Emblem
1] Gankutsuou
2] Guilty Gear
1] Ichigo 100%
3] Mirai Nikki
2] Nabari no Ou
1] Pokemon
2] Katekyo Hitman Reborn!
1] Spiral Alive
1] Valkyrie Profile
1] Will o Wisp

Total: 32


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Firo Prochainezo
12th-Feb-2008 10:42 pm - LJ Animanga Iconist Awards: Round 03!

Be a part of the democratic process!

Also, DS Skins + icon post coming soon, hopefully..! :D Watch for some Senko no Ronde + Baccano!
Firo Prochainezo
I've recently found some internal DS Skin templates, and have been addicted to making them now. :'D Enjoy!

Series: Katekyo Hitman Reborn!
System: R4DS & M3Simply DS
Installation instructions: Here
Full PreviewCollapse )

Series: Baccano!
System: R4DS & M3Simply DS
Installation instructions: Here
Full PreviewCollapse )

Note: If a link has expired/doesn't work for you, let me know and I'll reupload it. :D

> Textures used are by dearest, myrasis, ohfreckle, and randomfangirl.
> Like what you see? Friend me for updates!
> Have a request? Check out the request post!
Joshua Christopher ♥
30th-Nov-2007 11:07 pm - 50 watchers?!

Oh my, 50 watchers already?! Thanks so much! :D YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME. Since it's also that time of the year known as CHRISTMAS, I'll be taking graphic requests whoo! Everyone can request up to 2 icons, so...have fun, have a Merry Christmas (if you celebrate it), and enjoy! I'll try to fulfill them as timely as possible!

Here's a handy dandy request form:

Graphic type: Icons/friends only banners/userinfo header (No layout headers please! I'm not very good at those.)
Dimensions: Not needed for icons, but needed for banners.
Image: Please link me to an image! It can be of anything BUT real people, fanart, or doujinshi. D:
Sharable? Yes/No
Anything else? Textless, textful, make it in the same style as this, you name it!

There's no limit to how many people can request, so you don't need to reserve a spot!

Joshua Christopher ♥
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